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hier seht ihr eine meiner absoluten Lieblingspony-Serien, die Flutterponys, bestehend aus Serie 1 (6), Serie 2 (4 + 2 aus Serie 1), 2 Gift Pack Ponys und die Mail Order Ponys in der selben Pose =)

"Flutter Ponies bring good luck,
And fill the air with love,
When you lay your head to sleep,
Lily watches you from above." 

"Flutter ponies bring good luck,
No matter what the reason,
Watch carefully throughout the year,
for Honeysuckle to change the seasons!"

"Flutter ponies bring good luck,
In a very special way.
When rainclouds gather overhead,
Morning Glory will brighten the day!"

"Flutter ponies bring good luck, 
Any time of day or night,
If scary dreams awaken you,
Peach Blossom will chase away your fright."

"Flutter ponies bring good luck, 
They like to sing and play,
If there´s a worry on your mind,
Rosedust will send your cares away."

"Flutter ponies bring good luck,
And lots of good times too,
If you have a special wish,
Forget-Me-Not will make it come true."

"Flutter ponies bring good luck,
In everything they do,
No matter what misfortune brings,
Cloud Puff will care for you."

"Flutter Ponies bring good luck,
No matter what life brings,
And when you need a helping hand,
Tropical Breeze flutters her wings."

"Flutter ponies bring good luck,
With love that never ends,
And everytime you need her help,
Wind Drifter helps her friends."

"Flutter ponies bring good luck,
On every single day,
And when you play with pony friends,
Wing Song will watch you play."

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